Changing the way you think and feel about smoking

When we first start to smoke, nicotine plays a trick on our brains. This trick (which we explain in great detail) scams smokers into believing that the cigarette helps them relax, cope with stress or stay thin. These are false beliefs because it is clear that smokers are not more relaxed, less stressed or noticeably less heavy than non-smokers. In fact there is lots of evidence to suggest that smokers are more stressed than non-smokers.

Trying to quit smoking while continuing to believe these things creates the internal conflict which the smoker tries to overcome using willpower. They hope that if they are able to fight off the cravings for long enough, they will evenmtually disappear. But as anyone who has tried to quit this way knows, it is a losing proposition because it is the desire to smoke that feeds the cravings, not the other way around!. Allen Carr’s Easyway removes the need for willpower by removing the need or desire to smoke.

How Easyway removes the desire to smoke

Other methods seem to think that byt telling smokers that smoking is expensive and unhesalthy, they will somehow lose their desire to smoke, but this is obvious nonsense as a visit to the smoking area outside any cancer ward will attest. Smokers are well aware of the health risks and expense of smoking, yet still they smoke. So instead of wasting time lecturing smokers on reasons to quit, Allen Carr's Easyway looks at the reasons they keep smoking - the beliefs that create the desire to smoke - and expose them for the illusions they are. For example,most smokers claim that smoking helps them relax, but smoking actually increases the heart rate and blood pressure and dumps adrenaline (the fight or flight chemical) and coirtisol (the stress hormone) into the bloodstream. Does this sound like real relaxation? Could you persuade a non-smoker that a drug that does this would be relaxing? Allen Carr's Easyway explains this and the many other smoking paradoxes that keep us trapped. When smokers successfully challenge these beliefs upon which the desire to smoke is based, the desire to smoke evaporates and quitting is easy because there is a true understanding that there is nothing to 'give up'.

Making quitting easy

More people succeed at things if they find them easy. Allen Carr's Easyway makes stopping smoking easy by resolving the smokers' internal conflict and by breaking down the psychological barriers that make it appear hard.

It truly is the smoker's way to stop smoking and you have come to the right place. Why wait any longer?