Not sure if you want to quit?

Want to quit, but concerned that you'll find it tough? Scared that you'll feel deprived for the rest of your life without your little friend? These doubts and fears make quitting tough.

We can help you to understand and remove these fears and in so doing, make quitting easy. But first you need to get a clearer picture of your current perspective with respect to smoking, quitting and staying quit.

Complete this short quiz and we will email you a detailed analysis of how you stack up in the key areas when it comes to quitting.

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Amount smoked daily
Have you ever tried to quit?
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a) If yes, how many times
b) If yes, how long has your best quit lasted? months
Brand smoked

Please rank the following statements.
1= agree strongly, 2= agree, 3= neither agree or disagree, 4= disagree, 5=disagree strongly
Smoking helps me relax
1 2 3 4 5
Smoking helps me concentrate
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Smoking relieves boredom
Smoking relieves stress / helps to cope with anxiety
After 6 hours of not smoking you are what % nicotine-free
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