The Easyway seminar

Allen Carr’s Easyway seminar program boasts the highest independently-verified success rate of any quit smoking method.

In a study published in the medical journal Addictive Behaviors in November 2006, researchers found that after attending one six-hour Easyway seminar53.3% of smokers were still smoke-free after 12 months. This figure increases to 75.8% for smokers attending follow-up sessions (provided free of charge).

To put this in context this success rate is over ten times more effective than using nothing and four times more effective than quit smoking medications. And there are no unpleasant side-effects to worry about.

creating happy non-smokers

But this success rate, amazing as it is, is not the real story. The real story is what smokers think of Allen Carr’s Easyway method: in post-seminar evaluations conducted at major corporate clients (Ford, USAF, Sneider’s of Hanover) attendees gave the Easyway program a 100% approval rating, with over 85% giving it the highest possible rating.

clinical evaluations of the Allen Carr seminar

Over the years there have been several independent, physician audited evaluations of the Carr method.

  1. Long-term success of short smoking cessation seminars supported by occupational healthcare (Moshammer & Neuberger, Addictive Behaviours, Nov 2006)
    This study quotes a three-year success rate of 51.4%
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  2. Smoking Cessation at the workplace: One-year success of short seminars (Hutter, Moshammer & Neuberger, International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2005)
    This study quotes a best estimate one-year success rate of 55%
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  3. Dr. Jose Alvarez evaluation of the Carr method, March 1998
    Dr. Alvarez is the Head of Medical Services at Transfesa, a corporate client of Allen Carr in Spain. Dr. Alvarez states that of 40 employees who attended the Carr programme in November 1997, 80% were still smoke-free in March 1998. 

Other client comments

We have received detailed feedback from a large number of clients over the years. Whilst this feedback does not constitute hard data, it gives a strong indication of how people feel about the Easyway program.

  • Cornwall Social Services, an institutional client, quotes a success rate of 73%.
  • Levi Strauss in Holland quotes a 60.8% success rate at 18 months.
  • Middlesbrough Borough Council, another institutional client quotes success rates of 'approximately 70%'.
  • Satisfaction surveys for Ford CanadaUS Air Force and the Bermuda Pharmaceutical Association show 100% satisfaction ratings.

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