The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

"Even the expression "giving up" is part of the brainwashing.... the beautiful truth is that there is absolutely nothing to give up ."

  Allen Carr  


Welcome to Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking, the world's most effective quit smoking program. 

This simple, drug-free approach is entirely unlike conventional cessation methods which rely on substitution and willpower. Instead, Allen Carr's Easyway understands that while nicotine addiction and withdrawal exist, the real problem when it comes to quitting are the beliefs smokers have: that the cigarette helps them relax, or cope with stress, or that they will be deprived of some tremendous benefit, pleasure or crutch when they quit. We tackle the beliefs and fears that make quitting difficult, enabling smokers to radically change the way they think and feel about smoking, so the desire to smoke is removed. And with no desire to smoke there is simply no need for either nicotine replacements or willpower. 

Most smokers instinctively know this: that the real issue with stopping smoking is not the physical addiction to nicotine, but the psychological addiction to cigarettes. Allen Carr's Easyway is the only method that teaches smokers to challenge and change the beliefs that cause the psychological addiction. You will also learn why you may have found quitting in the past to be difficult and unpleasant and how, when you quit the right way, stopping smoking is not just easy but even enjoyable! Yes, these statements defy "conventional wisdom" about quitting smoking, but please read on about our background, credentials and about how Easyway works. Over 15 million have succeeded with the Easyway, so why not you?


Allen Carr's Easyway was founded in London, England, by Allen Carr, a former chain-smoker. In July 1983, after countless miserable attempts to quit, Allen discovered what every smoker dreams of: an effective, immediate and easy way to quit. Today, Allen's seminar is available in more than 150 cities in 50 countries. It has the highest peer-reviewed success-rate in the smoking cessation industry and is endorsed by countless doctors and dentists, but most of all by an estimated 15m happy ex-smokers who have quit with us. Over 80% of our seminar bookings are as a result of personal recommendation. Our online seminar was first launched in 2008 and since then has become our best selling product. Allen Carr's books have sold over 20m copies in 38 languages and topped bestseller lists across the globe.

Allen Carr's Easyway works because we approach the problem from a smoker’s perspective. Allen Carr uses his intimate knowledge of smoking to guide you through the quitting minefield and out of the smoking trap for good. You couldn't choose a better guide!