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What is the 'Easyway to Stop Smoking'?

In July 1983, after countless miserable attempts to quit, chain-smoker Allen Carr discovered what every smoker dreams of: an effective, immediate and easy way to quit smoking. Since then an estimated 30 million smokers have stopped smoking using his simple, drug-free approach.

So how does it work?

We believe that with the right approach, any smoker can find it easy to stop smoking, immediately and permanently.

Other so-called 'conventional' methods, all of which involve willpower or substitution, have poor success rates. For example, studies show a real world 6-month success rate of 7-10% for quit smoking products such as the nicotine patch, gum, hypnosis and recently launched medications. We believe that this is because these methods fail to address the single most important issue when it comes to quitting smoking: the desire to smoke.

If you try to quit while retaining the desire to smoke, a sense of deprivation and emotional conflict is created. This conflict causes feelings of panic, anxiety and irritability and it's the reason why 90% of people relapse, often just hours or days after quitting.

Allen Carr's Easyway takes a completely different approach. We know from nearly 30 years of experience that even die-hard smokers can be taught how to see smoking in a way that completely eliminates the need or desire to smoke. With no desire to smoke, there is no conflict of will when you quit and therefore none of the unpleasant physical symptoms created by that conflict. No willpower, no 'nic fits', no weight gain. And no scare tactics. In fact 96% of seminar attendees would recommend our program to their smoking friends or colleagues. 


What is the success rate?

Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking live seminar has the highest independently evaluated success rate of any stop smoking method. Allen Carr's Easyway is 6-10 times more effective than any other method. Read more about success rates >

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