Allen Carr's Easyway program is available to all Blue Cross members in Canada as a live seminar, a web seminar (webcast) , and via book & book products. Below are brief descriptions of each service and product and appropriate links (coloured text) but please feel free to browse the site for more details. When you are ready to make your choice,  go straight to buy now or register pages. DO NOT worry about the regular prices featured on the pages, nor do you need to return to this page. Your discount will automatically be applied on purchase.

Live seminar

Allen Carr's Easyway seminar has the highest independently-evaluated success-rate in the quit smoking industry. It is endorsed by many doctors and dentists, but most of all by happy ex-smokers who have quit with us: 97% of attendees would recommend the seminar to a smoking friend or colleague Read more >

Seminars are held regularly in Toronto and Vancouver. For most smokers one seminar is all it takes to get free with the security of follow up if you need it. 

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First published in 1985, Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking has been translated into over thirty languages and has been a #1 bestseller in ten countries including UK, Ireland, Russia, Italy, Holland and Germany. In parts of the book industry it's known simply as "The Magic Book".

Regular paperback price: $19.95.  Audio book price: $34.99 Ebook price $9.99

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We would be glad to answer any of your questions about the program and products. You can reach us at the toll free line 1 866 666 4299 during regular business hours. Or email us at: info@theeasywaytostopsmoking.com

We look forward to helping you start on your non-smoking future and thank you for making Allen Carr's Easyway a part of that journey!