Easyway Book Testimonials

Today is my first anniversary of quitting smoking and it has been the best year of my life. I didn't like to admit it but smoking controlled my life. For me, the best thing about quitting is not the health or the money, although both of those things have improved big time. It's the freedom, taking control of my life back.

Thomas Garfield

Hi Allen,

It's amazing. I am a non smoker. I am happy with my descision. I can't believe it took me 3 attempts at your method to realise I really did not like smoking at all. Thank you very much.

Smoking – never again!
Easyweigh – here I come!

Julie Steel

I’m 35 years old,and after 22 years of being a smoker,and never being able to quit,not even when i was pregnant,for my three babies(i was able to cut down from 1 pack to three cigarettes a day ,but i will have to live with that guilt for the rest of my life..!!)Today i’m on my 3rd day has non-smoker,and I know that i will never smoke again,and since I finish the book i feel amazing,happy and most of all FREEEEEE!!!!
Thank you so much Mr Allen,you were a Angel who come to earth to save our lives!!


I did it!!! Stopped smoking and I couldn’t even think about wanting to start again. What a liberating feeling! Thank you so much!


I’ve been smoking for 22 years, today begins day two of choosing to not smoke. I say that I’m excited and at peace instead of afraid and feeling deprived.

Thank you, Allen.


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I quit on 07/08/08. smoked anything & everything for 30 years. tried to quit before but started to realise i was losing the battle. read allens book and within a week i had won the war. allen carr saved my life. terribly sad that i cant thank him personally. however i am trying to pass his message on.

Robert Peak

It’s been a year now since I stopped smoking and life has been so enjoyable.

I used to suffer from depression and anxiety attacks. My life was all about cigarettes. Since stopping smoking I have a new higher paying job, more responsibilities, I know how to swim, I’m learning to drive and doing a degree in business studies – I’m paying attention to my life now, and it’s just keeps getting better and better. The depression and anxiety stopped with the cigarettes.

I really believe that smoking causes mental health issues – and it’s not the act of self medicating, but the cigarettes that are causing the problem.

I hope all of you who are reading the book, please trust me and learn everything from it! :)

Jennifer Fletcher

Hello, dear Allen!
Thank you for this wounderful book!!
I smoke at 8 years, and now have thrown!

Thank you very mach!

Nikita from Moscow (Russia)

I am into my 19 month of being a non smoker and cannot believe I ever smoked. I do not miss it or crave it. What a trully wonderful way to stop being a smoker. I don’t feel at all deprived. What a wonderful man to share his secret.


THANK you very much for this wonderful book. My husband and i have quit smoking. For more than 1 year the Easy way is our gift to all our friends


Just finished the book a second time and threw away my last pack. I am elated to hear that Easy way clinic is planning to set up in my area (Singapore). I sure would love to help my fellow Singaporeans discover the easy way.


wow 30 plus a day for 35 years and at last i am free.i can not thank you enough and it really has been craving and stress free allen carr is a genius

John Ravenswood

I just wanted to say thank you very much you made it so easy i am telling everyone. It is nice when my young children say that i’m proud of you daddy. THANKS…..


I read the original version of the book many years ago. I sincerely believe reading it was the single most important decision I have made in my life.

I can’t tell you how many friends I have recommended the book too. Allen is sorely missed.


Maybe I am due my life to you,thank you good man!!!

Greatings from Croatia!

Denis Krbavcic

Last smoke yesterday. Today I had horrible day and normally that would mean about 40 smoked fags. But I understood that they don’t make my situation better and even when I think to smoke i say NO.I think that the most important thing is that the book tell us not to be afraid of fallness. If you even fall you dont loose anything, but when you try you got so much to win. I start smoking 17, now I am 24. Since about 3 years everyday I tried to stop.Gums, motivation from my girlfriend, my motivation,nothing help. This book is fantastic – that is all I want to say. When smoking last cigarette in my life I was crying from happiness:) Good luck everyone! Good bless You Allen!


I had been a confirmed smoker for fifteen years and smoked about thirty cigarettes a day there toward the end. I stumbled upon the book by accident, and decided to give it a shot since nothing else had worked for me. I began reading the book on a Monday and finished the last chapter and my last cigarette that Friday. I’ve been completely astounded by the fact that not once have I wanted a cigarette, thought about smoking, even while being around my friends and family that still smoke. No one ever believed that I had really quit, thinking that it was just too easy. Now they are all asking me to show them how I did it. I thank you dearly for opening up my eyes.


Dear Mr. Carr,
I would like to thank you for helping me stop smoking two years ago and stop drinking for the last two months with your wonderful books and your astonishing system.
I myself was amazed at how easy I found quitting something that had me enslaved for the last 20 years or so. I was a HEAVY smoker and a fairly hard challenge for anyone who tried to talk me into quitting. Reading your book once was all it took to stop. After that and under my wife’s insistance I finally read the drinking book too and … even more astonishingly had the same result.
In order to partially repay you for your gift I’m talking all those that ask for help into buying and reading your books or attending the easyway seminars.
Thank you for your help
Yours sincerely

Edoardo A. Arese (Milano) Italy