Welcome to Allen Carr’s Easyway Online Seminar.

  • The Online Seminar is available for you to watch immediately or whenever you wish to start viewing, from any computer where you have high speed/broadband internet connection. (Bear in mind the videos are formatted to be viewed as a small size window on a PC/laptop and not on a TV or other large screen as this will affect the quality.) 
  • We recommend that you set a quit date and view the entire Online Seminar on that day.
  •  Use your email address as your User Name and the password you chose on registration. 
  • The Online Seminar is divided into 6 Parts, each about 30 minutes long, totalling approximately 4 hours.
  • If you are watching where you can smoke, then smoke as you wish. If you cannot smoke freely, then we would recommend a smoke-break in between each segment up until the final cigarette at the end of part 5.
  • If it is not possible to view the full seminar in one day, then we recommend watching Parts 1-3 together and Parts 4-6 the following day.
  • Your Online Seminar account will expire 1 month from the time you start your viewing.

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Wishing you great success and a happy smoke-free future!

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