Some success stories

My name is Janice and I have been smoke free since February 17th. I want to write and thank you for what you do - Damian you are the best. The webcast seminar is truly all true!  I smoked for about 40 years - and I am so happy to be free.  I smell smokers when they come in from wherever I am, shopping, at work and I cannot believe the smell.  And I smelled like that.  My husband never smoked, and my son is so happy that I have finally stopped.  I still can't believe it.....And, I can't believe how good I look.  Food is wonderful, the taste is amazing.  And I sleep so much better. Thank you Damian!  Thank you so much for your gift of delivering the truth about cigarettes and helping me to quit.  I truly cannot thank you enough.
Janice D. Vancouver, B.C 

I had previously read the book and was afraid it would not work a second time (quit for 14 months a few years ago) So this time I went the Webinar route for that extra 'umph' of motivation. I'm so happy to report that it worked like magic. I watched the Webinar on May 29 and put out my last cigarette at 3pm that afternoon. It was not only EASY but down right ENJOYABLE... When a crave came I would remember that I was not losing a friend but MURDERING my worst enemy. Your method actually made quitting FUN. I cannot think of a stronger recommendation. THANK YOU a thousand times over.
Gary Voysey, Toronto

When I watched the Allen Carr Easy Way webinar videos in November of 2011, I was skeptical but desperate to quit smoking. I had been going through one to two packs a day for almost twenty years, and I was constantly suffering from allergies and upper respiratory infections that made me miserable and caused me to miss work. At some point in 2011, I started to lose my voice and had trouble performing my job. I landed myself in the hospital twice in 2011 with cardio/respiratory issues, and my cardiologist was telling me that if I didn't quit, I would likely have a heart attack. Of course, the more I thought about all of these things, the more it made me want to smoke. I watched your video sessions, and I realized that I really could be free of nicotine addiction once and for all. Thank you for your product and the work you do to rid people of this awful affliction. Your program saved my life and dramatically improved its quality. If you're a smoker reading this testimonial, I hope it will encourage you to take a chance and spend the modest amount of money for this product - you, your health, and your time with loved ones are worth every penny.
Emily B, USA

"It was like magic. I watched it once and immediately had no desire to smoke. It is wonderful to be free." 
Tim Intaglia, St. Louis, MO

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 "I would have quit 20 yeears ago if I had known it was going to be this easy. This was easier than going to the supermarket! If the American Cancer Society took this program on they could save many lives. This webcast has saved my life. Thank you! "
M. Kaplan, NY

"The genius of this program is that you smoke while you quit smoking. It should be compulsory for health insurers to offer this to their smoking customers."
Howie Scott, El Paso, TX

"This is sooooo different to other times I tried to quit. I feel calm and confident. It’s only been a week but this time I’ve really done it."
Karen Tardelli, San Francisco, CA 

"Stupid easy"
JT Smith, Scottsdale, AZ 

“My sister sent me the webcast as a gift. At the time I felt like killing her but now I feel like kissing her! Why didn’t I do this years ago?!!!”
Cindy Green, Atlanta, GA

“I have no idea what happened during that online seminar, but something just clicked. I haven’t smoked since watching it and I haven’t even wanted one. I’m amazing myself here!”
Joel Carter, Boston, MA

“As I watched my desire to smoke faded. By the end, I struggled to even light my final cigarette. I’m just not interested in smoking any more.”
Rick Jones, Atlanta, GA

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