One life changing day

The live seminar is the heart and soul of the Allen Carr method and boasts the
highest evidence based success rate in the industry.


The live seminar is so effective that for most smokers that one days' attendance is all it takes to quit smoking successfully.

53.3% of all smokers who attend a seminar are still smoke-free after a year*. After attending a free follow up session, this figure increases to an impressive 75.8%, which is at least four times more effective than any quit smoking medication and 10 times more effective than using pure willpower. 

The simple idea behind the Allen Carr’s Easyway program is that the most efficient and permanent way to stop smoking is to tackle the core beliefs that make quitting so hard. The beliefs we have that the cigarette gives us some pleasure, crutch or benefit and that we’ll be deprived of this pleasure if we don’t smoke. 

By demonstrating that these beliefs are illusions, Allen Carr's Easyway makes quitting easy and enjoyable so that you do not miss cigarettes again. 

So rather than relying on willpower or trying to ease the withdrawal symptoms with medication, the method focuses on the way you think and feel about smoking to simply remove your desire to smoke. 

With no desire to smoke, it doesn’t take willpower to quit. It sounds ridiculously simple because it is. And it works.

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The seminar

The seminars are led by highly trained Allen Carr's Easyway facilitators, themselves former smokers who have quit using the Easyway To Stop Smoking. They are held regularly in th US in New York, Los Angeles and Denver and in Canada in Toronto and Vancouver.

The seminar lasts around six hours and are generally held from midday to early evening. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed and attendees are welcome to smoke, so five smoke breaks are built into the seminar. A symbolic "final cigarette" is smoked during the fifth smoke break and you should expect to leave as a happy non-smoker.

In order to offer as personal a service as possible, sessions are restricted to a maximum of 25 places.

Never miss smoking again. Guaranteed. 

We offer a pretty simple guarantee. If three months from the date of your seminar, having completed the program (which is the core seminar followed by two easy to do phone or in-person follow up sessions), you are still smoking, your fee will be refunded in full. All we request is that your desire to quit be genuine. 

This guarantee has been in operation since we started conducting seminars in 1983 and to the best of our knowledge, we are the only program in the industry to offer such a money back guarantee. 

We take great pride in being able to stand by the efficacy of Allen Carr’s method. Read the full details on our Cost & Guarantee page.

All dates and registration

Six hours with Damian (Toronto and New York facilitator) didn't just change my life, nor regain my life, he saved my life and I'm forever grateful. 
I quit drinking alcohol eight years ago and replaced it with a brand name cola; twelve colas per day for eight years, one pack of cigarettes per day for 16 years, On July 29, 2012 I drank my final cola and smoked my final cigarette on the final cigarette break during the seminar in Toronto. I've applied the same principles to remove all of my undesired flaws. For the first time I finally feel like I'm living, rather than dying. This feeling and "Easyway" of living, is PRICELESS.
Kevin Michael Regier