Post-seminar comments from clients

After every seminar clients are emailed a short questionnaire, which is anonymous. 98% of attendees reported they would recommend the seminar to smoking friends or colleagues. Here are some of the typical responses: 

Words cannot describe how effective the program worked.' This program is impressive. As the session progressed, I gradually felt calmer and calmer and didn't even really want to smoke the two last cigarettes.'
'Very succinct and easy to register and loved the confirmation email from Nicole. Damian was AMAZING. Clearly knows what he is doing.' 'It's a great seminar - amazingly effective - very lucky to have heard about it.''You people are saving thousands of lives! Thank-you so much for saving mine'

'It's just a common sense approach. It works.'

'Excellent program. I will recommend it because it works and it is easy.'


'I am continually amazed at how easy it was to stop smoking. I brush off occasional thoughts about smoking with a giggle. I can't tell you how thankful I am.' 'Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my new life as a non-smoker. I am looking forward to allthe new activities I'll be able to enjoy now that I can breathe again.''Without a personal recommendation wouldn't have thought about this a a quit method. Glad I listened long enough to give it a try!' 


'This was a very positive experience.'


'I had already read Allen's book and researched his method previous to coming to the seminar, so I knew what to expect. I have also quit smoking before for 5 solid years on my own, so I knew I could do it again. However, I LOVED the seminar! It solidified everything for me in a new way and ritualized the experience once and for all. Damian's presentation was excellent: thorough, comprehensive, personal, cultural, scientific, mythical, funny, deep, and transformational. Thank you Damian - you are an inspiration!'


'Great! I never thought it would actually be this easy! I am truly amazed and I imagine it can only get better from here on. Thank you!


'Damian was amazing- high energy, enthusiastic, positive, convincing, dynamic. Besides being incredibly effective, he was actually entertaining. The 6 hours went by in a flash. Am thrilled with the seminar in every respect. I celebrate a month nicotine-free on Wednesday!'

'Keep up the great work ! Thanks for making it so clear and so EASY to set myself free to become a non smoker. The EASY way ROCKS !' 

'Damian has a real talent for communicating the EasyWay that I found inspirational and a real life changer. Cheers and Thanks Again'
 'Very effective. Damien was an incredibly magnetic speaker and made the six hours useful and almost, entertaining.'


'Collene Curran was great!!! The program was wonderful.'


'I see smoking completely opposite to the way I saw it before the seminar. Then I needed smoking. Now I don't really want it or need it.'