Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking seminar has the highest peer-reviewed success rate of any stop smoking method. Formal studies show a 12-month success rate for a pack a day smoker attending the 5-hour seminar is 63.6%. The success rate for all smokers including extremely heavy smokers is 53.3% To put this in context, Allen Carr's Easyway is 6-10 times more effective than any other method. For most smokers one seminar is all it takes to get free with the security of follow up if you need it. 

The smoking cessation seminar lasts around six hours which includes five smoke breaks. They are led by highly trained Allen Carr's Easyway facilitators, themselves former smokers who have quit using the Easyway method. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed and attendees are welcome to smoke throughout, so five smoke breaks are built into the seminar. A symbolic final cigarette is smoked during the fifth smoke break and your expectation should be to leave the session as a happy non-smoker.

Live seminars are held only in New York, Los Angeles and Denver in the US and in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal (French language) in Canada. At the present time, no other locations are offered.

As long as the upcoming seminar date is offered on our site, we have spots available and you can register online any time. If a seminar is fully booked, this will be indicated and online registration is closed. In this case, please call or email if you wish to attend as we do get last minute schedule change requests.

All seminar clients are provided with instructions on what to do if they have any difficulty following attendance at a live seminar. If within three months of attending and having completed the program, you are still unable to quit, your fee is refunded in full. Please visit the cost and guarantee page on our site for full details.

In order to offer as personal a service as possible, sessions are restricted to a maximum of 25 places. Our seminar is in high demand so we do tend to get booked up quickly; please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

As long as you attended in the last 3 months, support is free of charge. Click here to view the the follow up schedule You can also email or call us and we will assist with a scheduling a follow up appointment.

If you live outside of our seminar centres and are unable to travel to attend a seminar, we highly recommend our online seminar which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of clients who are looking for more than the book to quit smoking.

Immediately after registering online you will receive a receipt and a confirmation email providing the date, time and place of the seminar as well as a link to a page which has all the relevant attendance information you need. The Monday preceding your seminar date you will be emailed the same information once again.