Allen Carr seminar facilitators

You can be assured that when you attend an Allen Carr seminar you NOT see someone who has never smoked. You WILL see someone who...

  • has quit with the Easyway Method
  • was a former heavy smoker
  • understands your problems and fears, and 
  • will have empathy with your current situation  

All Allen Carr seminar facilitators are former smokers who themselves quit using the Easyway approach. They are licensed Members of the Association of Allen Carr Therapists International, a qualification currently bestowed upon fewer than 100 people around the world.

meet our facilitators 

David Skeist is the most recent addition to our facilitator team. He is proud to be offering Allen CarrEasyway seminars in his hometown of New York City, the place where he smoked his first horrible cigarette in 1997 and his last.

“Quitting with Easyway is one of the best decisions I have ever made. After years of alternately denying, proclaiming, apologizing for, and railing against my addiction, I was able to put out my last cigarette and walk away with nothing but gratitude and wide-eyed anticipation of the smoke-free years to come. In this regard, not one day since has been a disappointment.”

Collene Curran is a Denver-native who quit using the Easyway method in 2004 and has been facilitating Allen Carr seminars since 2007.

“From the day I bought my first pack until the day I quit 28 years later, I never went a full day without smoking. The thought of quitting terrified me. A life without cigarettes seemed impossible. That was before a friend recommended Easyway. Allen Carr’s Easyway taught me that quitting isn’t a sacrifice – it’s a freedom. Quitting smoking is one of the best things I’ve ever done. The only thing I enjoy more than being a happy non-smoker is helping other smokers find freedom." 


Montréal est une adjonction récente à nos endroits de séance. Les séances sont menés par Rejean Belanger, un ancien fumeur qui a arreté de fumer grâce à La Méthode Simple d'Allen Carr.

"Être un fumeur, c' est vivre constamment dans la peur tout en se sentant pris au piège à jamais ...Je peux vous montrer comment vous en sortir facilement avec la méthode d'Allen Carr. Si j' ai pu réussir ...croyez moi...tout le monde le peut!" 


Last but not least, Damian O’Hara, is the President of Allen Carr North America. Damian has been helping smokers across Canada and the US for more than a decade. He has seen thousands of smokers including many household names at private sessions and he has featured in TV and print coverage about the method since its launch in North America in 2002. 

Damian quit at one of Carr’s seminars in London in 2001. After trying to quit smoking ‘every Sunday evening for years’, the Easyway seminar was a revelation says Damian: “Allen taught me how to see smoking in a way that completely eliminates the need or desire to smoke. With no desire to smoke, it’s ridiculously easy not to. I could not believe that the cigarette went from totally controlling my life to being an utter irrelevance in five hours.”