Six hours to a smoke-free future


Allen Carr's Easyway Seminar is a one-day event. It is divided into six sessions and lasts around six hours, which includes five breaks during which attendees are welcome to smoke. When you attend an Allen Carr's Easyway Seminar you will be taught by a former smoker who themselves quit using this method and who UNDERSTANDS your problems and fears. You will NOT see someone who has never smoked themselves. 

Below is a brief synopsis:

Part 1

  • Introduction to Allen Carr's Easyway 
  • Why quitting using other methods is so difficult
  • The problem with 'willpower' 
  • The smoker's tug-of-war 
  • Do smokers 'choose' to smoke?

Part 2

  • Why we smoke 
  • The 'magic' pill 
  • Why some cigarettes seem more special than others
  • The 'little monster' 
  • Understanding the nicotine 'trick'
  • Physical withdrawal from nicotine - a completely new perspective 

Part 3

  • The 'big monster'  
  • Understanding the smoking trap 
  • Understanding addiction
  • Taking a closer look at the life of a smoker 
  • The 'benefits' of being a smoker
  • What happens when you stop smoking

Part 4

  • How to quit without needing willpower 
  • The reality of a smoke-free life 
  • Quitting - losing a friend or killing an enemy? 

Part 5

  • Casual smoking 
  • Cutting down 
  • How to quit without feeling deprived

Part 6

  • How to be a happy non-smoker 
  • Substitutes 
  • Weight control 
  • 20-minute relaxation exercise to reinforce key concepts from the program 
  • Support information