Seminar testimonials

Six hours with Damian (Toronto and New York facilitator) didn't just change my life, nor regain my life, he saved my life and I'm forever grateful. 
I quit drinking alcohol eight years ago and replaced it with a brand name cola; twelve colas per day for eight years, one pack of cigarettes per day for 16 years, On July 29, 2012 I drank my final cola and smoked my final cigarette on the final cigarette break during the seminar in Toronto. I've applied the same principles to remove all of my undesired flaws. For the first time I finally feel like I'm living, rather than dying. This feeling and "Easyway" of living, is PRICELESS.
Kevin Michael Regier

In April of 2009 a good friend of mine, Javier suggest I attend…The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.  I suggested that “ I wasn’t ready” to stop smoking…he laughed and responded…That’s just the addiction talking.  I finally gave in and went.  I quit that day!  It has been almost 4 years.  Thank you Javier and thank you Damian!

Remo Niceforo, Toronto

Yesterday was my One Year Anniversary for quitting smoking!!! I want to thank you once again! I did not believe on that day that I would actually succeed; I was secretly sure that I would be one of the ones who would be quoting the "Money Back Guarantee" clause to you.

What is most remarkable is that I have actually forgotten about smoking. Last year, the thought of being left without cigarettes would fill me with dread, and I knew where all the 24 hour convenience stores where "just in case". I was prepared to try my best at it, but was sure that I even if I were able to, I was going to miss smoking, and that some enjoyment out of life would be gone. Instead, I have absolutely forgotten all about cigarettes! Occasionally, I see an empty pack of cigarettes littered on the road, or I see someone smoking and I think "Oh yeah, I used to smoke..."

As cigarettes are $9.00 a pack (I never bought cartons) I have saved about $3,000.00 in this last year. No more filthy ashtrays, my nagging cough has completely cleared up and I feel better and have more energy. Thank you so much for helping me to accomplish this!

Jenny F, Mississauga


I just thought I would drop you a line and thank you from the bottom of my heart for facilitating, promoting and ultimately guiding my way back form the dark pit that was my life smoking. I truly do feel like I have been given a new lease on life. So I just wanted to thank you for being the catalyst that helped me see the light once again. It has been 9 days and I really and truly cannot say that I suffered letting go of that nastiness. I feel so much better. My lungs and chest have opened up. It really feels so great that it is motivating me to not want to ever feel that way again.

By the way, your session on the 13th was so well done. You really do have a gift for the work that you are doing and it is a noble thing as well, because it helps people to re-gain a very precious gift. So, thanks again Damian.

I hope to send as many people as I possibly can to the program.

Jordana G, Toronto

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I attended the Easyway seminar one year ago on Sept 16, 2007 and quit smoking. When I consider the health benefits, it is a miracle enough, but then I considered the financial benefit of saving over $3,000 and the 7,300 cigarettes I have not smoked in the last year, it amazes me. Since I started smoking as a teenager, I estimate I must have smoked at least 250,000 cigarettes. That my body appears to have forgiven me is the biggest miracle of all. Thank you Nicole and Damian for your wonderful program and support.

Councillor Sharon Jackson, Duncan, BC.

Please use this message to support public recognition of Allen Carr's work.

Until two months ago, I had smoked more than a pack a day for more than forty years, apart from one period of about a year. Thanks to the EasyWay seminar you led, I am now completely cured of my addiction. Public recognition of Allen's work in this field would not only reward him for his contribution to society, but would also bring his work to the attention of all those who really want to quit but think that they can't.

Ken Thomas, Toronto

I took the seminar on Fathers day 2008, and have been a non smoker since. Looking back, the main reason why the course worked so effectively wasn’t because it scared me about the health reasons or helped reduce the cravings. What it did was it helped eliminate my desire to even want to smoke to begin with. It sounds incredibly simple and it is. When I walked out of the room, I had no desire to smoke, which meant that the physical cravings (barely any at all!) were only an after thought.

I have an incredibly addictive personality and this event was the beginning of something I am truly addicted to. Life. I have not smoked in over 8 months, I have lost around 30 pounds, I exercise more and am now in the best shape of my life.

Justin Monahan, Vancouver

I don't know what it is but I can honestly say that I have not had a craving for a cigarette since our session. I obviously have not had even a drag. People I speak with cannot believe it as well as not being able to understand the concept of Easyway! Thanks again!

G Coalter, Toronto, ON.

I want you to know that I am feeling great about all of this and not finding it difficult in the least. Even at work when I am convinced that I will explode with the stress, cigarettes rarely cross my mind. I think I may have a revelation almost every day because of that!! Thank you again.

H Curran, New York

Thank you for bringing Allen Carr's program to Bermuda. As I stated I was a professional smoker and after walking out of the session, I can happily say I am a professional NON smoker. Some moments are kind of weird, a feeling like trying to learn all over again how to live like a non-smoker. And yes, you were right, I do have so much more time on my hands that I have even taken up jogging, for I can breathe again.

G H Bermuda.

It was my 6-month anniversary as a non smoker yesterday! (applause) Who would have thought that after smoking for the better part of my life and trying to quit countless times, that it would be so easy-thank you so much! The idea behind the course is so simple, yet so brilliant. I will continue to try to get the word out there.

Cathy J (a slave no more!), Vancouver

Hi again Damian! Well it has been a full three weeks for me now. I still don't feel like smoking. It really has been miraculously easy this time around. I know I will never smoke again now. I am not cocky either. I am fully aware of the power of nicotine. I just feel that I have a choice now. I am no longer a slave to the cigarettes.

James K, Toronto

I attended your session on April 11th and continue to be a non smoker. Having quit for no more that hours it is extremely hard to believe that it has almost been six weeks. Six very easy weeks!!!!!

I have put your method to the test as I have been told some of the biggest pitfalls are: having that glass of beer or wine (I took care of that April the 11th), business travel (great not having to do the mad dash to get out of the airport for that first cigarette in four hours) and vacations (out of eight of us, five were chain smokers). All achieved without a cigarette. Thanks again from myself and from my wife and kids.

C Craig, Mississauga

Hi Damian,

Well I thought that since it has been 3 months today since you helped me better my life, it would be appropriate to send a “thank you”. The past three months have been great, I feel alive again!

I am also very happy, it has been so easy for me. When we left that day, you asked us to send you an email about when we felt that we had really “kicked it”…well I had a few.

The first one was when I drove into my garage, got out of my car, and never had to check to make sure I had my smokes and my lighter, and that was about 1 week after meeting you.

I had another one that took me a while to get…I went into a meeting with some co-workers who had not seen me for a while (this was probably about 1 month after your course), and one particular person came up to me and said “WOW! you look really good"…..then he just kinda stared at me for a while, almost like he had never seen me before….and said again, "You just have a glow about you…you look really good”. At first I didn’t put two and two together, and then after sitting in our meeting for a couple of hours, it hit me, I no longer looked like a ghost, I have color back in my face, and I look alive again. This has happened a few times, more with people I don’t see all the time, and what a good feeling!!

So again, Damian, thank you for your help, I really do feel like I chose to live on September 5th, and it has been the best decision I have ever made! I hope things are well with you, and I wish you and your family a Happy Holiday season. Thanks again.

Shawna N, Vancouver

Hello Damian!

I am sooooooo excited! It is one month ago today that I quit smoking. Yeah!!!! I just wanted to give you an update, and let you know that I am doing great! I LOVE NOT BEING A SLAVE! It has almost become a non-issue that I am a non-smoker, and I actually don't think about it a bunch. This is very cool too, because when I've quit before, I have obsessed about it. This is much better.

I have told so many people about the workshop, and how I quit, I feel like I could be the poster girl for Easyway. I shake my head at people who are so keen about doing a clinic until they find out the cost. This is so crazy. First of all, what have they got to lose? I think if you truly want to quit, the $$ is not an issue. Most smokers spend that or more in a month.

It's really neat, because anyone who knows me is absolutely blown away that I have quit smoking. They're saying things like "Oh my god, if you can quit, anyone can. How the hell did you do it?" I'm sure you can relate.

I hope all is well with you, Damian. Thank you again for everything! Keep in touch. You may be seeing my husband at a future clinic. I have suggested he go, though I don't think he is quite ready. He'll get there. Take Care! Blessings!

Sam C, Vancouver, BC

Dear Damian,

Just thought I’d let you know something funny that happened to me. I met a rep from Nicorette and he said “You can always tell an Allen Carr quitter because they are all so darned happy.”

No complaints from me. Five and a half months since I came to the clinic and it just keeps getting better and better. The only thing I find difficult is answering the question “Why didn’t I do this ten years ago?”

Gord S, Toronto

My experience at the Allen Carr clinic

On May 23rd 2003, I ventured downtown Toronto to the penthouse of the Comfort Inn on Church and Dundas for the Easy Way session with Damian. 

I told my children I loved them and away I went.

The only criteria there was to go to this seminar was to be a smoker. When I arrived, I met Damian the instructor and 12 other participants. We sat down, introduced ourselves, smoked, drank coffee and proceeded, unknowingly 
to become a non-smoker. 

We talked about why we smoke as opposed to why we shouldn’t. There were no lectures, no hypnotism, just plain good information. I have not smoked a cigarette since that day and have had NO desire to. I no longer want to smoke, so I did not give up anything. I see myself as a non-smoker now. First time in my life. I don’t need a package of cigarettes in my purse to feel complete. 

I feel fantastic!!! I am very proud of myself!!! I no longer am a slave to dried vegetable matter. I had no weight gain, no mood swings and no changes other than now I don’t have a cough and I can breathe again. Singing is a big part of my life and to have my voice protected was a big incentive for me. I don’t have to freeze or get soaking wet as I am banished to the outside to feed my addiction. 
I am no longer addicted. I don’t know what happened to me that day in that penthouse and I don’t care. I am free! 

Bobby F, Mississauga

"Quitting smoking was something I knew I had to do. I just didn't want to. And didn't know how to because I'd already tried everything on the market. Typically it was a love/hate relationship. Biting the bullet, I registered for your seminar in Nov 2005. My sister Jody surprised me by registering at the last minute to "support "me. She had absolutely no desire to quit, in fact she considered herself a confirmed smoker and even admitted she fully intended to start smoking again once I had successfully quit. The Easyway office even advised her against registering since she wasn't quitting for herself. Her only goal was to see me succeed. ("Don't I have the best sister in the world?) Well, I succeeded but the bigger success story is my sister! That was over two years ago and neither of us has had any desire to smoke since. Unbelievably amazing!"

Tanny V, Vancouver

"Five months with absolutely no problem. I can't believe how easy it has been. Several people continue to question me about how I quit. They are amazed by my story and, I suspect, envious."

Jenny Crawford, Saskatoon, Canada

"I completed your course in Vancouver. The results have been incredible. Although I have only quit for two months, it feels like ten years. I’m a non-smoker for the first time in 25 years and loving every minute of it."

Bruce Jackson, Vancouver, BC

"I never thought that putting this nasty habit away for good could be so easy. Thank you for showing me how! I will be sending as many smokers as I can your way."

Nicholas Wolf, New York